Russian Championship 2014

07-08.03.2014 I took part in my 9th Nationals. This time I managed to win it left and right. There were quite a few strong athletes in each category, may be cause of the obligatory doping control for the first three places. My main opponent was Artem Grishin. he became second. He was able to toproll me a couple of times but before Ready Go. Still, I do not complain - I was ready for the open category.

In the open my main rival was H. Zoloev. I knew it would be difficult to win him in one move and there would be a fight like with Krasi. And it happened. Unfortunately for us we met in the first matches of the open, even before the time when the top 8 competitors were determined. And we decided to pull.  I had a little more endurance and won. But both of us couldn't continue pulling after that even and long match.

All in all the competiton was great. There WAS doping control at last! Referees did good job: Venera Urazgeldieva and Arkadiy Lelaev were great, as usual. Hope that most referees were such professionals.

© Matyushenko Ivan 2014